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“Wind & Waves” Live in NZ (2019)

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Mad Hallelujah delivers an uplifting live experience and a dynamic signature sound, which weaves elements of folk, rock, medicine music, psychedelic, tribal, funk, and bluegrass. Mad Hallelujah offers a playful, soulful invitation to celebrate life together, sing from the heart, and dance like mad.

Originally formed as a collective of busking troubadours in New Zealand in 2015, they have since released five albums, headlined festival stages, and embarked on multiple tours in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US. Mad Hallelujah has earned a reputation as ecstatic dance-floor creators, crafters of deep musical journeys, and crowd favorites at festivals, music clubs, and intimate venues alike. 

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“Mad Hallelujah have a personal and unique way of connecting with their audience. Uplifting and heartfelt. Audiences can’t help being carried away with maximum dancing and smiles.” – Peter Jenkins, Organizer – Mix Festival New Zealand

“Mad Hallelujah are a joy to work with. Each of them is wildly talented at their art, and their music is an absolute gift to humanity. They are one of our favourite bands to feature on our festival main stage. The crowd adores them and so do we!” – Anna Molly-Chaparro, Organizer – Biophilia Festival, New Zealand