Mad Hallelujah



Mad Hallelujah delivers a righteous and raucous audience-inclusive live experience driven by their signature sound, which incorporates classic rock, americana-folk, psychedelic jam, funk, and bluegrass influences. Igniting dance floors and lifting up spirits, Mad Hallelujah sets are a playful invitation to get “down & dirty… high & holy.”

Mad Hallelujah’s active lineup fuses the diverse musical backgrounds of Makete Roesch on vox & guitar, Daniel Wander on vox & lead guitar, mandolin & trombone, Ari Melinger-Cohen on bass, and Forrest Kelly on drums & percussion.

Mad Hallelujah was originally formed in New Zealand in 2015 as a multi-national collective of troubadours called “Mad Hallelujah Tribe.” They have since embarked on multiple independent world tours, released four self-produced albums, and headlined festival main stages on 3 continents.

In 2019 the band established a home base in Northern California, solidified their current lineup, and completed their first major tour of the western States, growing their dedicated following along the way.