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“Condor” Full length video – Live @ The Psiloon
“End & Back” Full length video – Live @ The Psiloon, Boulder UT 10/19
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Mad Hallelujah delivers a righteous and resonant audience-inclusive live experience driven by their dynamic signature sound, which incorporates classic rock, americana-folk, psychedelic jam, funk, and bluegrass influences. Igniting dance floors and lifting up spirits, Mad Hallelujah sets are a playful invitation to get “down & dirty… high & holy.”

Mad Hallelujah’s active lineup fuses the diverse musical backgrounds of Makete Roesch on vox & guitar, Daniel Wander on vox & lead guitar, mandolin & trombone, Ari Melinger-Cohen on bass, and Forrest Kelly on drums & percussion.

Mad Hallelujah was originally formed in New Zealand in 2015 as a multi-national collective of troubadours called “Mad Hallelujah Tribe.” They have since embarked on multiple independent world tours, released four self-produced albums, and headlined festival main stages on 3 continents.

In 2019 the band established a home base in Northern California, solidified their current lineup, and completed their first major tour of the western States, growing their dedicated following along the way.


“Classifying the sonic fusion of Mad Hallelujah is the hard part. The easy part is letting the copious volumes of warmth and ecstatic energy wash over you as their performance organically unfolds. The band’s recent debut at Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City, CA was one of those landmark events I could imagine looking back with a sense of wonder after they conquer the world. It’s rare to see a band dedicate a nearly three hour show exclusively to original music and to have an audience hanging with them on every note. Not only that, but jumping up and down, dancing with abandon and smiling from ear to ear. These guys have their sense of dynamics so well refined, each song is like a gypsy spell, enrapturing one’s sense. They take listeners on a journey through realms of funky folk, jam-tronica and tribal stomps. It’s that feeling we all covet of not knowing what’s going to happen next and relishing the spontaneity. This is evolved music dripping with passion and intention. Just when you thought everything had already been done, there emerges Mad Hallelujah.” Tyler Blue, Talent Buyer/Promoter – Crazy Horse Saloon (Nevada City, CA)

“Mad Hallelujah have a personal and unique way of connecting with their audience. Uplifting and heartfelt. Audiences can’t help being carried away with maximum dancing and smiles.” – Peter Jenkins, Organizer – Mix Festival New Zealand

“Mad Hallelujah are a joy to work with. Each of them is wildly talented at their art, and their music is an absolute gift to humanity. They are one of our favourite bands to feature on our festival main stage. The crowd adores them and so do we!” – Anna Molly-Chaparro, Organizer – Biophilia Festival, New Zealand

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